What? More regulation from the FDA…. Really

This is a topic you will hear us talk about a lot. It seems the federal government has decided to get there hands on my food once again. But not to worry they promise to wash there hands first. New regulation demands that workers hands are washed, irrigation water is clean and that animals stay out of the fields with crops. Ok im not indicating that any of this is not necessary but does it really need to be on a federal government level? Can our federal government really monitor every farm in America to make sure the workers are washing there hands? Can they really keep track of every cow that wonders into a field? I really doubt it. I’m sure they can monitor some of it but at what level and does it really make my food any safer or just more expensive? It has been estimated that could cost large farms $30,000 dollars a year according to the FDA and could cost the food manufacturing industry $475 million dollars annually. Who do you think is going to end up paying for those expenses. You guessed it you and I (The consumer).  The question is are these regulations the answers to our problems? Do you think that maybe state or better yet your local government could do a better job. Its hard to take an agency like the FDA seriously when these are the people telling you that a twinkie is fine to eat but raw milk is not. I just used a twinkie as an example but think of all of the food that’s available particularly fast food and snacks and ask yourself if washing our hands is going to solve our problems.

Let’s take a look at a few options and maybe add a little common sense as well.  If we as “consumers” demand a better product and send a message to food producers that this type of activity will not stand and if they do not have enough sense to have there workers wash there hands, have clean irrigation water and keep cattle out of the fields with crops then we will not buy there product and they will be out of business. This is a nice idea except it requires all of us to stand up for what is right and  im not convinced that’s going to happen but what if we bought our food from local producers? Wouldn’t this be a lot easier to monitor as a consumer? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to visit the farm where you buy your meat and produce and see first hand how they operate. Ask them questions about there practices and procedures. Ask them about the chemicals they use and if they offer organic products. Get your community involved. Help educate the community about the advantages of buying locally and what to look for in a quality producer. I realize this seems like a lot of work but think of the reward. You will be getting great quality foods, you will be helping local farms, your food will be fresh and wont have to travel 3000 miles to your table, and to make things that much better you have taken the need for massive government regulation away.


  1. Rebecca

    This makes perfect sense and it might also be helpful to start with doing one thing at a time. Maybe one month you can research local farms for meat and select one and then the next month you can find a good place to buy your local produce and so on. Start small and like you said keep thinking about the reward to keep you going because it is definitely worth it.

  2. Heather

    I wish we had a farm co op locally because I would purchase my produce from them. At the increasing price of food, I think many people will just resort to growing gardens.