Veterans and you

You come into contact with a lot of people throughout your life. Some you know others you don’t. You cannot tell how a stranger is or what their background story might be just by looking at them. There is a large group of people out there that you might be able to tell who they are by there actions though. This group is our veterans. Most of them act different or dress different or you might just get the feeling that they might be one. If you do find out they are or your not sure just ask them. If they say yes tell them thank you. You can’t explain how nice it feels to be told thank you when you are a veteran. Today’s society kind of forgot about this key group of people. Many have deployed or have spent a lot of time away from their families. They did this for our security. So please make them feel appreciated. Being a veteran myself it feels like people do not care. There is not much help out there for veterans transitioning back to the civilian sector. It can be very depressing and hard for them. So please take the time and show them some appreciation, it can mean the world to them.

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