The media is targeting your kids

The media has a lot of pull when it comes to shaping your kids life. In today’s society you can say the media is like a third parent. They influence your kids to think and act a certain way. They brainwash your kids into thinking something is cool when really its not. For example reality tv shows have people partying and drinking with excessive violence and children see this and think its normal and ”cool” so they act this way. Some younger children’s cartoons and making your kids think homosexuality is normal and acceptable. Others are showing atheist beliefs and evolution. Now if your think these things are okay that’s fine everyone is entitled to their views but if they are going to have these kind of programs on tv I would like to see some with good Christian values as well. There are good Christian cartoons but you won’t see them on your regular broadcasted channels. Be aware of what your kids watch don’t be afraid to block channels. Remember the media helps shape your kids mentality and can effect their future. This being said its the parents job to shut it down! If there was not a market for this nonsense tv then it wouldn’t be there. Shut it down and put something better or educational on. Or shut it down and pass the football with your kid or teach them how to garden. It’s primarily your job as a parent to raise your kid with good ethics and morals so let’s do it. If you have any ideas or solution please tell us in the comment box below.


  1. Rebecca

    its very sad when our children look up to celebrities as rolemodels and not people who are actually worthy of that title. Maybe someone like George Washington or another great historical person or even their mom, dad or someone they know who has served their country. There’s nothing to learn from most tv shows besides the wrong values and not the right things that are important in life.

  2. Heather

    Unfortunately some parents use the TV as a babysitter and just because a cartoon is on they think it’s proper tv viewing. Many of today’s cartoons have some bad content that is being used to brainwash our children. Parents need to pay attention to not just the type of program their child is view but the content as well.

  3. Kenny Lang

    Turn the TV off. There is some called books and a library. Technology is a wonderful thing. The Bible talks of the last days. In 2Tim 3:1-8 we read of “today”. Vs 7 speaks of “ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth”.How true. Daniel spoke of the end times and knowledge” being increased” (Dan 12:4)
    Ceasar was pulled by a horse,so was my grand mother. The question you all should ask yourself is, what has happened in the last 100 years or so that has fullfilled Daniels prophecy? We all have been taught of the “industrail revolution” and seen its course and results. This knowledge is secular. Likewise what has taken place of a “religious” nature that has caused the heavens to be opened and the knowledge to be showered down to men from heaven? Like a boat in the water passing by. The waves reach the shore far after the boat has gone by.The same with an jet airplane, when you hear the sound,you look far ahead of the “resulting sound” to see the source from which it sprang,the jet. “Knowledge shall be increased”. We see results.What started it? Lastly look at Acts 3:21 “times of restitution” and a Prophet being raised up “or called”.The boat has gone by. Knowledge of the truth has been despensed and is here today. Its not on Cable or CBS. A book, a book……… Isah 29. “out of the ground”