Smart Meters, Local Government, Arrests

So if you have ever had the chance to read George Orwell’s 1984, this title might have raised some alarms. Well is becoming that time, the time when all these “oh that’s not real” kinds of technology are coming out. There are many companies that make these smart meters like GE, PG&E, and Oncor. The meters are usually wireless and monitor your electric consumption in hour or fewer increments, after it monitors it sends them to a data base for processing. These meters can tell when you are home what rooms you are in and how you spend your time. Creepy huh? I have just finished reading Glenn Beck’s Agenda 21, this kind of activity is actually a form of societal monitoring that can be used for various purposes. When it comes down to it isn’t this a major violation of privacy? Well apparently if you oppose these smart meters you get arrested. Now explain to me if these meters are supposed to help with energy usage and I am blowing this all out of whack why is it so important to attach these to your house that they are sending tax payer funded armed police officers? Just a thought but, let us add some things up. Our gun rights (2nd Amendment) are being threatened, our food system as a whole is anything but a food system, our education system has failed, horrible media influence on our youth, lack of parenting and morals, now even more tax payer funded government monitoring. Folk, this is all real. We have some work to do and it starts in your household. Attached is the link about the arrests made due to smart meter opposition.

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