To be prepared can mean a lot of things. You prepare for a car accident buy purchasing auto insurance, the same with a house or even your own life. Some people prepare buy stockpiling certain things like food, ammunition, or water. There are many ways to be prepared for a sudden incident. Let’s discuss a different yet highly important way of preparedness. You can be physically or materialistically prepared but what about the rest of the spectrum? Spiritual preparedness is very important to help get you through a situation mentally. Make sure your relationship with God is good and you turn to him first for decisions and guidance. Become mentally prepared by educating yourself on different subjects from what to eat in the woods to looking at history to learn errors that impaired people’s survival. Look not only at your survival but also your communities. Obviously your family comes first in a traumatic situation but, what about when it is time to rebuild? Is there a food bank in your community? What about a stockpile of emergency supplies? First aid equipment? Yes gathering all these things is expensive. Why not think to yourself hmm… How can I get the money to do this in my town? Here is an ideal, charity. Yes charity. Gather people together and have them donate items and food. Even donate time to help if they cannot financially donate material items. People donate blood all the time that is used for random strangers so why shouldn’t they be able to donate to help their communities? You can use these charity days to also educate people on the importance of preparedness. Not only can these charities help with preparedness they can also do things to directly impact the area in which they live. Everything helps, educate them on the importance of eating local foods, so they don’t rely on supermarkets during a traumatic situation. The importance of canning, so you can have food security. There are many things out there you don’t think of that can help your community’s preparedness. It’s not only our job but also yours to spread this knowledge. All these different things can be linked together to provide the perfect array of ultimate survivability. We need to get to the level where our communities are self-sustainable and we can tell organizations to back off we can take care of ourselves. This ideal is possible, there is proof. Look up the history of mankind, communities have been like that for hundreds of years. So why is it that we are veering away from this lifestyle now? There are many to blame but that will not fix the problem. I have provided my ideal solution if you have any ideals or feedback please reply in the comment box below.


  1. Rebecca

    I also think that communities are not involved like they used to be partly because of the individual and how we are told to live. We are told now that the government will supply all our needs whether something bad happens or not so with that thinking why would
    we need to rely on our communities to
    help us or put in the extra effort to
    help strengthen them? I don’t think that people believe that they can be
    self reliant now or that their neighbor can do enough to help or maybe they
    would just rather rely on big organizations thinking they could do more. The way we think has to be shifted and with the media telling us
    otherwise it is hard but completely doable if we really try.