It’s Okay to Eat Healthy and be a Conservative

I won’t lie to you, a couple years ago

when I saw something that was labeled “organic” I thought great some kind of hippie liberal nonsense. As I grew more aware of the growing food safety crisis along with supporting local farmers I decided to check out this whole organic food ideal. Now I used to love me some fast food fries and what not but boy oh boy am I staying clear of that now. Due to the “veggie libel laws” I have to be very cautious of what I say, yes these laws do trump the 1st amendment. It saddens me that I have to censor myself due to these laws but hey, I don’t want to get sued. Anyway, I did my homework and watched some documentaries along with reading some books. I do not agree with most of the opinions on how to fix the problem; we do not need federal regulation to fix everything. I educated myself on GMO’s (genetically modified organisms); these artificial substances are what make up the majority of our foods. Hopefully I don’t lose you here but think about it, if the majority of our food is artificial then it is not really food. When I think of food I think of things that God created that we can mix together to create a meal, not guys in lab coats with rubber gloves and face masks. Some of these industrial food companies (I refuse to call them farms) have patented life itself. Now please explain to me how you can patent a creation of God. This is morally and integrally wrong. An example of this is; say a guy patents German shepherds (breed of dog), you go buy one and want to breed it, well guess what you can’t because you don’t really own that dog the guy who patented the breed does, now he’s going to take you to court. This is how the food industry works now. I am a huge fan of capitalism but to me when you lose your business morals and ethics; you are no longer a capitalist. The point I am trying to make is; I love God, guns, and the U.S.A. and I hate communism, socialism, and I dislike big government. The thing is I like to eat non-GMO and organic as well. So do not let the media fool you into thinking that “organic” is the food for liberals because folk this simply isn’t true. Let me challenge you to do your own research watch some documentaries like Fresh, Food Inc, or Farmageddon. Check out authors like Joel Salatin. You might notice some liberal ideals in some of these documentaries but why not educate yourself on the topic and present your conservative solution to the problem?

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  1. Heather

    I think all GMO foods should be considered fake. If it didn’t come naturally we don’t need to eat it.