Homeless, Hungry and Broke

When referring to the recent debt ceiling fight the President said “I will not have that conversation with a gun at the head of the American people”. Besides a poor choice of words by the President the American people might consider 16 trillion dollars of debt the gun that is pointed at there head. I want to make it perfectly clear that its not only the President and the Democrats that are to blame here. The Republicans are equally responsible despite there claim to want to reduce spending. This debacle has gone on and on and on. They spend there days trying to figure out how they can spin what ever crisis is happening into something that is the fault of the other party. They are wasting our time. It’s very easy to get caught up in the battle. We naturally want to align ourselves with the party that closer resembles our views but in reality neither have our long term interests in mind. Although i feel we still need to keep an eye on the mess there creating we have to break away from this two party mentality. This is not the America that our founders fought for. This is the America George Washington warned us about in his farewell address. Ask yourself this question. What would your financial situation be if you operated this way in your life? Easy, you would be homeless, hungry and broke.

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