Throughout our lives we seem to always have some sort of hero that we look up to in some way. Whether it is our parents, someone in the military, a historical figure, business owner, celebrity, etc. Somehow these people have impacted us in a way that has caused us to look up to them. Let’s look at an example of a hero and why this person could be considered a hero.

Let’s take a look at George Washington. Here is a man who led an army and a country to freedom. But that’s not what makes this man a hero. It’s the courage and integrity he displayed throughout his life. Through his faith in God and his deep determination for freedom he was able to defy odds that most would consider impossible. Despite numerous failures on his path to freedom he never gave up. Unselfish act after unselfish act this man was determined to complete his task and to offer a better life to his fellow countrymen. That is what makes this man a hero.

You may not lead an army and a country to freedom but its courage, integrity, faith in God and determination that will lead you to success in whatever you may choose. So take a moment and look at the people you consider heroes and why these people are your hero.  After all thanks to many of our heroes throughout history we are free to pursuit our dreams however big or small they may be.