911 Not you’re Best Option

So, in the madness that is the firearm world right now there is something people aren’t thinking about.

People have bought tons of firearms, ammunition, and reloading supplies. People are buying things that haven’t even been threatened yet. It is kind of sad because in reality you should have been prepared before this took off. Regardless of that there is something much more important we need to discuss. It does not matter how many guns or how much ammunition you have if you do not know gun safety and have had training. Search around your area for firearm safety classes, usually the cost very little. I have noticed and heard from others that these classes have been filling up so if you cannot find an opening ask your friends or family. If you know someone who is a police officer or has served in the military chances are they can train you in proper gun safety and usage. So before you go on a spending frenzy learn to use what you have first. I have attached a video that can help push my point a little bit, let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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